Commercial Buildings Save Money By Saving Energy

Many people think new “gizmos” are the secret to reining in energy use, but that’s not necessarily the case. The way buildings are managed and operated can have an even bigger impact than the technology in the building. Before undertaking a major retrofit mine, your day-to-day operations for substantial savings.

Denmark Heating And Cooling offer the most comprehensive commercial HVAC/R service programs in the industry.

Our technicians can service your boilers, rooftop units, compressors, and chillers. We also provide preventive maintenance solutions to keep your system operating efficiently.

We can design, replace, or upgrade your equipment to optimize the performance of your facility, whether you have one building or multiple sites nationwide. Also, we can assess your facility’s energy needs and install and service energy saving solutions including variable speed drives, and building automation and control systems.

Before you begin, you have to know your starting point. this is something you can figure out yourself, but many companies can get free government assistance. The EPA’s Energy Star Program offers a set of tools called Portfolio Manager to help you gauge your energy and water use, and has developed spreadsheets that allow businesses in certain industries to judge by comparison their own consumption.

Re-Commissioning Building Systems

Commissioning, which simply means making sure building systems are running as designed, is an essential part of building construction, and because these systems degrade over time, they must be periodically retested. Such re-commissioning pays huge dividends, says a recent Department of Energy-sponsored study: a 15 percent reduction in energy use at a cost of just 27 cents per square foot, for a payback time of less than nine months.

Commissioning entails an analysis and a tune-up, and usually requires the services of an energy auditing mechanical contractor such as Denmark Heating and Cooling. Systems also have to be maintained and re-commissioned every three to five years. Denmark Heating and Cooling can then make recommendations for improving mechanical systems performances; for example, builders usually install oversize systems even though air conditioning operates most efficiently at full power. The upside: You can probably upgrade to a smaller system that uses less energy. Today’s heating and cooling and refrigerating systems are up to 40 percent more efficient than those built 20 years ago. If you cannot replace yours, if its not in the budget, improve it with a solid state variable speed motor drive that controls motors speed according to demand.

The biggest energy draw in a commercial facility is the process, which also adds to the plant cooling load. Processes vary across industries, but electric motors are common to most of them, and they are an easy place in which to find energy savings. New, modern highly efficient motors are up to eight percent more efficient than the oldest motors now deployed. A solid state variable speed drive that can be attached to motors on pumps and fans is an even more powerful tool; it can increase the system’s energy efficiency 50 percent, with a payback of as little as six months. These are some of the procedures Denmark Heating and Cooling can provide you with from the re-commissioning services we offer. Many of these products now qualify for government tax credits in commercial applications.

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